Saturday, September 22, 2012

Love Letter

My Dear,

I've No Words Or Letters To Flow
But When Holding The Pen
Just Your Face Comes Through...

In The Battle Of Life,
I Didn't Have Even A Knife
And Since I Had No Option Except To Go,

I Walked And Walked Until I Met You
To Tell About You There's No Words,
I Think To Stop
But Your Voice Always Comes To Say
Go Forwards,

You Can Reach The Top...
You Might Be Good For Everybody,
But For Me You Were Never A Body
You Might Be One For Many,
But For Me You Are Many

It Isn't A Matter Of Falling In Love,
It Is That Love Is Falling In Me...
I Would Never Call You A Love
Since I Might Loose A Love And Hate,
Therefore I Called You My Soul mate.............


Lisa said...

I am loving these letters and shayaris. Thanks so much for the share.

Prashant Chudasama said...

Thnx Lisa .....................

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